【Official】Yuki Hotel

Nagoya business / leisure base with a wider range of activities in the center of Nagoya

A bright, clean, secure and comfortable private room.
We will entertain you with an economical price and a rich heart.
Free Wi-Fi connection in all rooms.

There are also cafes and taverns where you can relax and unwind.

One stop on the Higashiyama Line Subway Line from Nagoya Station, a 30-second walk from Exit 10 of "Fushimi Station", and a good location within walking distance to Sakae / Marunouchi!

Please use it for business and leisure.

Coronavirus Disease countermeasures

  • About measures against Coronavirus Disease

    In order to prevent Novel Coronavirus Disease, we take all possible measures such as disinfection work.


  • Free Internet

    Free wireless Wi-Fi & wired LAN connection in guest rooms.


  • About notes

    The curfew is 2:00 am.You can enter and leave the building 24 hours a day.

    The parking lot is a complete reservation system by telephone before booking the accommodation.All 4 units.
    1000 yen per car per night(The size of the car is 2.1m in height, 1.8m in width and 5.0m in length.) 

In this facility / facility

  • 【1F]Cafe Cafe Tigre

    Cafe Tigre on the 1st floor of Yuki Hotel.

    Good food, espresso and entertaining staff await you.
    The quiet atmosphere of the store matches any occasion, such as talking with lovers, meeting work, taking a nap for sales staff, etc.
    Try this once.

    ■Breakfast*All prices including tax
    Japanese Food:650 yen(By drink fee)
    Western food set:200 yen/250 yen(By drink fee)
    drink(Coffee etc.):From 420 yen
  • 【B1F】Teppan Izakaya Bar Sho-chu Museum Fushimi Store

    Every day is a festival at the Sho-chu Museum
    【It's too profitable! 】Something is 10 yen every day! Cost outlook.Daily 10 yen menu.Reservation of seats only is OK! Something such as skewers, oden, sashimi, chicken wings, etc. is 10 yen★In addition to 10 yen, there is a full lineup of cospa dishes such as "Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki" and "chicken nanban"! *The 10-yen menu cannot be used with courseMedia coverage so far for more than 8 companies★

    We carry out all-you-can-drink that is kind to office workers ◎ There are 2 hours and 3 hours all-you-can-drink, so please enjoy your meal and drink leisurely ◎

    For more information, please visit our website!

    ■A word from the shop staff
    I will provide some service with a single word "I am staying at Yuki Hotel
    Show me the room key.
  • 【2F】Front desk hall

    "Hypochlorous acid" is installed on the front counter.
    Please use for disinfecting fingers.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Yuki Hotel


1-10-11 Nishiki, Naka Ward, Nagoya City

Telephone number



Nagoya Station (2 minutes ride), 30 seconds walk from Exit 10 of Fushimi Station
Go straight 50m ahead on the ground and look for the red sleeve sign.
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Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.